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Prostitution in Malta

News from Malta and Gozo

Prostitution in Malta

The current Maltese prime minister, Joseph Muscat, has promised to discuss legalising prostitution in Malta if he wins the upcoming elections, with the aim of decreasing sex trafficking. Known as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution has always been a sensitive subject which carries a heavy taboo. Prostitution in Malta has nowadays spread from traditional street prostitution in well known areas  to more discreet places like Gentleman clubs and Massage parlours. Online escort services are also becoming much more popular. A simple google search for ‘escorts in Malta’ can return a full list of services offered mostly by women currently living in the Maltese islands.

While some Maltese people agree that legalising prostitution will help decrease sex trafficking, others argue that the legalisation of prostitution does not work.

Do you agree with the legalisation of prostitution in Malta?

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